Thursday, September 25, 2008

you have to vote for one of us, it's a two party system

Whether or not it was calculated to curry favor with the voting public (totally was), John McCain's suspension of his campaign to go back to Washington and work on the bailout (GRRR) was the right thing to do. Will the plan that is eventually implemented be wrongheaded and allow unprecedented governmental invasion of the private sector? Absolutely. Will it reward greedy, immoral lenders, investors, and people who knowingly bought more house than they could afford? Absolutely. But even so, Senators McCain and Obama have an obligation to their constituency that predates their presidential campaigns.

Obama's reason for not suspending his campaign or delaying Friday's debate was that now, more than ever, the American people need to hear from the men campaigning to become president and be in charge of this whole mess in 40 days. (He also said a really stupid thing about both himself and McCain having big planes painted with their names, that can get them to Mississippi in a hurry. Umm, so?)

Something we say to our children is, "I can't hear what you say, because your actions are so loud." What do we care what they say in the debate, if it's already been proven that their desire to rule supersedes their desire to actually do the job?