Wednesday, September 17, 2008

you stay classy, china

This is really something. I don't know where to begin to decry the moral failings of a company that removes milk protein from baby formula and replaces it with melamine, which, for anyone who was in a cave on Mars last year, is the same stuff they put in the pet food that was killing people's dogs and cats, and the same stuff they were feeding to the pigs that our own, super-classy FDA ensured us were safe to eat. You know those hard plastic dishes you can find in any -Mart kind of store? That's melamine. Delicious, right?

So now they have 3 babies dead and over 6,000 with kidney problems, including renal failure (read: fatal unless somehow they can come up with transplant kidneys), because we, as a civilization, have come to value cheap goods and labor above all other concerns, including the lives of the people and animals who depend on us to keep them safe. So, stay classy, all of us!

*I don't want to imply that I think something like this would never happen in the U.S., because: totally would. My argument is that when we, as consumers, demand LOWER COST, LOWER COST, LOWER COST, willfully ignore the production, and put our fingers in our ears while humming Sousa marches when anyone tries to talk to us about hidden costs, we can't really be surprised when it blows up in our faces.


highdeekay said...

You go! Add to all of that the fact the the Chinese government found out about it and decided to do a "secret" investigation before allowing it to become public thus permitting even more infants to drink the tainted formula than if they had acted more quickly and publicly.


But they did a really fantastic opening ceremony for the Olympics...


All8 said...

That is unbelievable! Just unbelievable.