Wednesday, October 29, 2008

at least it's almost over

I keep hearing people expressing the idea that next Tuesday will be a litmus test of America's progress in its treatment of racial minorities, and it bothers me a little. Perhaps I feel this way because I live in an idyllic rural community, but my politics transcend race. I will not vote for Barack Obama because I disagree with him on a number of core issues, but I will not be voting for John McCain, either--for the same reason. And I resent the claim being made that an Obama loss next Tuesday would mean that America is still racist. I will not say that there aren't racists living here--I've certainly had the ill fortune to meet enough of them--but I don't think you can place all the blame at their door. It's the same way I felt about Hillary. Yeah, it's time to have a female president, long past time, in fact, but you don't vote for someone based solely on their gender. Nor do you vote for someone because of their race. Likewise, you don't NOT vote for someone because of their race or gender. That is a ridiculous and dangerous way to conduct governance of an extraordinarily diverse country. So, I do feel that it's quite likely that there will be a Bradley Effect in play, but I don't expect it to change the projected outcome of the election. If Obama loses next week I will eat my hat. Which would really suck, because I'll have to go buy a hat to eat. But I still have enough faith in my countrymen that I believe they, like me, will vote for the person they feel best represents them and their approach to how to help America succeed.

I get so frustrated because I feel like in our modern political arena we only get sound bytes tailored to get airplay, and we're never able to scratch past the carefully constructed veneer and see who any of the candidates really are. So we're left with Obama the Pandering Socialist, Biden the Duplicitous Windbag, McCain the Senile Warmonger and Palin the Redneck Barbie. And I'd guess--I'd hope--that the truth is quite different.

John thinks that we should have a "C-None of the Above" option on the ballot, and if more than 50% of the population chooses C, we get a do-over, Bush leaves office immediately, and the interim president is selected at random from the phone book, because whoever it is surely can't make things any worse than they already are.


Sarah said...

I love it, and I totally agree with John. Almost everyone I talk to isn't happy with either choice, and we'll just vote for the "least of the evils," which at present, is NOBODY! Sooo...let's have the option of choosing what we really want - someone else.

highdeekay said...

Do what I plan to do ... I plan to write in "Present" it seemed to have worked well for Obama in Illinois. I think it would also send a very good message: I didn't stay home, I'm not apathetic, I just don't like my choices!!!

All8 said...

Every election is a litmus test. Will we, as citizens of a "free" country, all stand and voice our thoughts and choices. If everyone took their god given responsibility seriously, then maybe we'd have more freedom, more choice, less wagging of the dog (or maybe it would be even more subtle???).

Living out here in a state that could go either way (democrat or republican), there are many delineations, but the most obvious is that everyone in the middle of the state, votes republican and the big cities on the edges vote democrat. Almost all of the Obama phone calls I've gotten are from African-Americans, for lack of a better term. Interesting isn't?!

I would hope that I could never be accused of voting for someone because of their race or religion. It all comes down to what have you done, what will you do (that is in the job description, not what your speech writers have written to get you elected), and last but not least, what does my gut and my prayers tell me.

The thing that makes me tired is how the media controls information to the masses. Reminds me of "conspiring men". Allowing them to dictate our choices, does not relieve us of responsibility.

Okay there's my blog post for the day. ;D

tipsybaker said...

I live in the bluest region of blue California. Basically everyone is voting Obama. Race does not seem to be a factor either way, though it clearly is in both rural West Virginia and inner cities. Hopefully it will all balance out.
I do know one person who will not vote for Obama because he is black, and freely admits it. But she is 96 and is therefore forgiven.