Friday, October 10, 2008

dinner report

Tonight's Menu:

Red Beans and Rice
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Monster Bread
Pieces of Chocolate

The red beans and rice were delicious. Maybe not authentic Cajun--you'd have to ask Matthew--but good all the same. The collard greens came from my own garden, if you can imagine. I can't believe they survived, but they did and they were pretty good. I think I'll try the Swiss chard next, since it's the only other plant that survived my negligence. The green beans were the result of a last-minute caving of my resolve to force the children to eat dark, leafy greens. It's a good thing the world economy is going down the pissoir--maybe it'll teach them to be grateful for their slimy vegetables! The monster bread is because I tried to make some sourdough bread, but didn't have enough time to do it properly, so the bread didn't rise. There it was, 30 minutes to zero hour, and I had no bread. So I mashed it in a pan, sprinkled olive oil, coarse salt and fresh pepper over it, and pretended it was focaccia. It was surprisingly successful. The pieces of chocolate are to prevent cancer and dementor attacks. That is all.


Matt and Emily said...

Oooh yummy. We love us some red beans & rice. Traditionally, Matthew tells me, Monday is the day to eat them and then leftovers on Tuesday.

Layne said...

D'oh! Here I am eating them on the totally wrong day! I bet I'll have bad luck now.

All8 said...

I can't wait to hear my sweet little wee ones, just begging for some fresh green veg. (Insert evil mommy laugh here.) Hooray for a little "economic downturn". (hee hee hee) Off to plant some spinach. (haa haa haa)

Jenny said...

I've never considered chocolate for those purposes. But now that you mention it- it makes complete sense. I will continue my daily dose.