Monday, October 13, 2008

cheese for conference weekend

Purple Haze
Bleck. It's a decent chevre underneath the herbs (I'm looking at you, FENNEL), but I like my cheese to taste like cheese, not licorice.

John's dad could not stop eating this cheese. We spread it on a slice of the Dutch oven bread, and it's great. It's like Brie, but if they were both partygoers, the Brillat would listen politely and contribute to conversations without trying to steal focus, while the Brie would stand near the mirrored wall and accidentally keep starting conversations with its own reflection.

Maytag Blue
All the blues I've eaten recently disappoint in comparison to Roaring Forties, but this is okay. A little tangy, smooth-textured, and has a nice finish--a lot milder than you expect.

Midnight Moon
I realize that I've already done this one, but it's so good, you guys. So caramelly and nice. I want you all to go to Whole Foods and buy it.


highdeekay said...

Can we have a cheese party one of the times we are in UT? I'm serious! I want you to be my cheese mentor.

tipsybaker said...

I LOVE it when people write about food like it has a human personality. Conveys so much more than the usual foodspeak. Thank-you! Now I need to go buy some cheese.


Jill said...

Why am I always hungry after reading your blog? I seriously would kill for a slice of dutch oven bread and some cheese...I will just suck down some more water from my hospital mug and call it a night....