Thursday, October 23, 2008

quirk tag

I've been instructed to list six quirks about myself. What, only six, you say? However did I narrow it down to only six?

1. I cry about some really stupid crap.
For example, I cried while watching Ghostbusters 2 on the treadmill yesterday. Like, not even Ghostbusters Original Recipe. But you guys, with the giant Statue of Liberty, and the playing of "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher," and the baby, oh my gosh, the ENDANGERED BABY. It's the confluence of three of my known kryptonites: nostalgic patriotism, unfettered joyful singing, and jeopardy of a small/cute/furry creature. Jeez, I'm not a robot. Speaking of which . . .

2. I'm fairly certain that intelligent robots will factor heavily in bringing about the end of the world.
John is concerned about my mental well-being.

3. I resent schedules imposed by external forces.
For example, I have one piano student, and every Wednesday I wake up and think, "Well, THIS day is ruined!" because I know I have to be at my house for a specific half hour that afternoon. Even though I'm at my house almost all of the time, anyway. I feel claustrophobic about it.

4. You know those old ladies in nursing homes who swear? That's me.
I know this, because I curse in my brain all the time. It's only the social filters put in place by my parents and my religion that keep me from swearing like a mule skinner, so when I get senile? I'm probably going to get evicted from my assisted living center.

5. I love words, especially big words, especially big German words.
Schadenfreude? Gotterdammerung? Weltanschaung? Angstschweiss? Petersburger Schlittenfahrt? With their ability to create words of such precise, descriptive meaning, it's a wonder that these people aren't running the world.

6. I'm a grammar stickler.
I check and re-check and edit all my correspondence, including emails and text messages. In fact, I refuse to use text language, because I find it asinine, so I type everything out. I'm fine with using an informal, conversational voice (as you may note from my blog), but I hate errors. I found a spot in the comments of one of my posts from a while ago where I had typed "thought" instead of "though," and I seriously considered trashing, rewriting, and reposting the comment.

There they are, six of my hideous disfigurements. I tag Claire (happy birthday!), Jill, Heidi, Courtney, mmm.chocolate, and the tipsy baker.


tipsybaker said...

So you want our quirks?

-I take a piano lesson on Thursday afternoons and I wake up on Thursdays and think THIS day is ruined. . .

-Would think I'd be the kind of person who would swear, as I am not constrained by religion and my mother is quite the foul mouth. But even when I TRY to throw the f-word and sh-word (and even the cr-word) around for cool effect. . . can't do it.

-I will eat sweetbreads and oxtail, but would have trouble choking down a glass of milk. Put orange juice in cereal.

-Have a secret admiration and fascination for/with Dr. Laura, though (because?) she often makes me want to stab my car radio. Unforgivable, though, when she tells terribly sad young women that they have to stay with cruel/gay/unfaithful husbands until their toddlers go to college.

-Feel blue and personally rejected when I try to make reservations at a restaurant or motel and they're fully booked. Go to neurotic lengths never to have this happen.

-I'm having trouble thinking of a 6th. Maybe the thousand cookbooks.

Sarah said...

I was actually aware of most of these, except that you'll be thrown out of a nursing home by an intelligent robot. Bummer for you.

Jenny said...

All I can say is I'm so happy to see that Petersburger Schlittenfahrt made it onto your list. It made me happy!

Nate, Claire & Norah said...

Those are all so true! Well, I guess I don't really know about the swearing...

highdeekay said...

ok, I already did a quirk tag recently so I just give you your own little view into Heidiquirkiness:

1. I have a hard time passing my computer without checking for email. It is a compulsion and not one I am proud of!
2. I just ended that sentence with a preposition even though it totally bugs me. Normally I would do all kinds of grammar gymnastics to change the sentence so that it didn't end with that dreaded preposition. It is killing me to leave it.
3. I hate long toenails.
4. When I was little I was terrified of being tickled and so I went around the house tickling myself in order to desensitize myself. It worked. I am not ticklish.
5. I feel guilty if I watch a movie and am not multitasking in some way. Hence, the crocheting. It allows me to feel productive even while watching a movie.
6. I am for more normal than I'd like to be.