Monday, October 27, 2008


Things Chucking It I've done recently:

I made yogurt with some milk that was getting close to its pull date. My children refuse to eat it, because although it tastes EXACTLY like the Mountain High yogurt we buy, it is in an unfamiliar package. But the joke's on them, because I put it in their lunches today, and they'll eat it or starve. The Hulk: "I'll starve, thanks."

Nate's grandma sent some quinces for me, so I'm making quince preserves. I wasn't supposed to peel and core them.

Here is our slow cooker applesauce. Super easy and delicious. Chunk the apples up and cook them until they're soft. I added a little bit of honey and some cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. So I'll feel even more like I'm eating pie filling!

As soon as I find a slow cooker at the D.I. I'm going to get together with some other hippie ladies and make some soap that supposedly only needs to cure for a day. I'll be happy because I wash with lard.


Sarah said...

That yogurt looks awesome! Someday, perhaps, I'll try to make my own.


we had a tree with quince apples on them they are kind of fuzzy never knew what to do with them now i know to bad trax ripped it out...wade said they were nasty to eat by themselves

tipsybaker said...

I wish I had someone in my life who gave me quinces. I read once that they "perfume a room" and have always wondered if it was true.

All8 said...

I've never eaten quinces either. On Martha, years ago, they cooked and then I think baked them and they came out a beautiful pale pink color. I've always wanted to try them though.

DH is the yogurt maker in our house. It's very easy though. It makes a passable "cream cheese" too.