Monday, October 20, 2008

this is what people do who don't live by a good bakery

Joy of Cooking, my longtime companion.

ingredients in the bowl--lotsa eggs

sticky dough

It's a good thing I'm familiar with sticky bread doughs, or I would have killed this by adding too much flour, just to get it off my hands.


But you add a little oil to your hands, get a bench scraper, and you can work your will upon it.

After two rises (one in the fridge, don't ask me why, Joy is the boss of me) you separate it into three balls and let them sit a spell.

Roll the balls into strands, then dust them with flour so they won't mesh into a big lump in the braid.

plaiting the bread

all done, and fairly decent looking

first layer of egg wash

second layer of egg wash, then a dusting of poppy seeds for my drug test

This is the prettiest bread I've made since that time I made Steven a Bread Wife (she was not as pretty as the Marzipan Wife, but was much better tasting). This bread is not very fun to eat.

But my childhood run-ins with the stomach flu taught me many things, like thinking about sourdough pancakes is a vomit catalyst, and a sojourn in eggs and milk will improve many things.

And so we were able to eat some scrumtrillescent French toast, with homemade butter even. Challah is not great for just eatin' on, but I will be making it again and again for weekend breakfasts.


tipsybaker said...

I have HEARD about challah french toast, but never eaten. It's really that good?
And I'm wondering if maybe there's a better challah recipe out there than Joy's -- though I guess by its nature challah is kind of bland and soft.


Sarah said...

Ummm...yum! And beautiful. If you ever need a taste-tester, I would rock at that job!

Layne said...

J, it really does merit all the press. I like my French toast moist, but not soggy, and this had a perfect balance.

I saw other recipes here and there online, but decided to go with Joy. I'd certainly be willing to try another recipe, though. And I'm sure I can find people willing to eat my mistakes.