Tuesday, November 4, 2008

blogging the election

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? I wish they'd stop showing that putz in Grant Park who's hanging out with Oprah--you know, the weak-chinned fellow who's covered in flopsweat, even though he's at the winner's rally? Shut up, pasty guy.

I thought McCain's concession speech was gracious, and reminded me why anyone might have wanted to vote for him once upon a time. I wasn't in love with him to begin with, but I felt like he became unrecognizable during the campaign--just a total caricature of all the things people loathe about Republicans. And how about those gross, tacky people who were BOOING Obama? Shut up, classless weirdos.

Oh! They're playing my kryptonite song at Grant Park--the Ghostbusters 2 one! Awesome.

I wish they'd stop yammering and get to Obama's acceptance speech. I never thought I'd say this, but: shut up, Brian Williams.

FINALLY. The speech.

John just said, "They've been married only 6 years longer than us, and he's the president. I'm not even the director of my group at work." Hee.

Oh, this poor man. The road ahead is indeed long, and the climb steep. I just hope for our sake that he can live up to all that's expected of him, because he has a steaming pile of mess waiting for him.

Well, that was fun. Happy new president to us! My initial good impression of Obama faded, as you know, but I am interested to see how this plays out. I'm excited, because it's times like this that remind me that we do live in the greatest nation on earth. Our ability to vote, to have confidence in the legitimacy of the outcome, to know that no matter what party takes what office, we can rest assured that we're on the whole in competent hands . . . well done, us.


tipsybaker said...

I wanted to cry when I listened to McCain talk. I used to like him, it was a lovely speech, he's an old man, and I finally allowed myself to feel terribly sad for what he has done with himself and his reputation -- a sentiment I have been studiously repressing for the last few months, waiting until he lost.
I hear you about Obama and the road ahead. Sheesh. I thought he looked terrified & I don't blame him at all.
But still. This was a good one.

Sarah said...

Agreed on McCain's speech. He handled it like a true professional - even when those around him were acting like 3 year-olds. Oh, and I totally thought of you when they were playing your Ghostbusters song. My prayer is that Obama surrounds himself with smart people who can make this country rise about it's current rock-bottom state. I honestly believe he wants to make this nation a better place. Good luck, President Obama.