Monday, November 17, 2008

pay for every dance, sellin' each romance

Because no day would be complete without me haranguing everyone on the origins of their meals, here's an interesting article.

Today I did some more prep on the garden--I really hope that green-waste-on-cardboard thing works. Also I bricked the ground in front of the chicken coop so when it turns into a sloppy mudhole we'll have a place to stand without sinking ankle-deep into a morass of poultry excrement. Our rooster Fauntleroy has passed on (I think it's neat how I said "passed on" instead of "involuntary manslaughter"), and I don't feel in too much of a hurry to replace him. I got mighty sick of taking a beating stick into the coop every time I needed to feed or water them. I will miss his noise, but not his spurs.

The goats are in a real state. Well, not really, but we're in a real state concerning the goats. Traci needs a bro (or a braaaa), and Catwoman is like an orange on toothpicks. I don't think her legs can take another pregnancy. She had been flushed really well last fall when Cyclone did his dirty, dirty business, and her prodigious weight gain from the triplets knocked her shoulders all out of whack. Now she walks like a nasty old bulldog. Here are the problems I see:

Traci's udder is so poorly attached that she may end up stepping on it.
Traci's milk is fine, but nothing amazing.
Catwoman's legs are terrible.
Catwoman's milk is not as sweet as Finola's, but it's good.
We can't find a Nubian buck to breed to our does.
Goats can't be by themselves.

So we have a goat that we can breed, but don't want to, a goat that we want to breed but can't, and no Nubian buck in any case. So we'll probably have to breed Traci to Cyclone and use the babies for meat again, and I don't know what we'll do about Catwoman, because we can't sell her, or Traci will get all Louis Prima on us (or if you're an 80s remake fan, all David Lee Roth on us). This is the life of an agritainer.

And some good news--I have only had to kill 4 wasps* today. This is what they look like.
Would you say wasp or hornet? Or yellow jacket? Or bringer of pain and discomfort both temporal and spiritual?

*Never mind. John killed six more this evening.


tipsybaker said...

Nice wasp photo!
You're kind of freaking me out with your "mudhole-chicken coop" description, given our recent consideration of chicken stewardship.
But I love the goats.

All8 said...

That wasp looks huge! Are they as big as they seem? What did the exterminator say? Does he know what kind they are so that you can research their habits so that they can be destroyed?

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but when we helped replace the old siding on my IL's house; the whole north side was covered with bees underneath. But they weren't coming inside. Ugh! And thankfully it was cold enough for them to be sluggish. No honey though, although I guess that would be kinda gross considering that everything was in the fiberglass insulation.

Dave_and_Aleece said...

I had to kill 2 of them today. why do they think they can just live in my house for free.