Tuesday, November 11, 2008

product may stay: RJ's Natural Soft Eating Licorice

I cannot support licorice that is hard or in any way waxy. To my mind, Twizzlers are the lowest form of licorice--lower even than the hated Red Vines, because at least Red Vines are soft-ish. I really believe that you could melt Twizzlers down and make candles out of them. Until recently, the best black licorice I'd eaten was Kookaburra, but its softness is highly variable according to packaging--the bags are usually safe, but the clear tubs aren't, no doubt from exposure to air and light. Stupids, have Doritos corn chips taught you nothing? A foil-lined bag is imperative in maintaining freshness and flavor!

What I'm trying to say is I bought some RJ's Natural Soft Eating Licorice (Hey! This licorice is for eating, not for washing your backside.) from The Good Earth (store, not book) today, and it doth rock. Soft, not waxy in the least, no weird aftertaste. They're like licorice ropes of varying diameter cut into about 2 1/2" pieces. Spectacular. I imagine their All Sorts are good, too, but I like my licorice straight up.

Today's wasp tally: 6

ETA: I should have clarified: this licorice is black, because black is the good kind. YES, IT IS.


Amy said...

Awesome. I love good licorice too. And, I've heard it's an aphrodisiac, so there is an added bonus for ya. Sorry about the wasps. Creepy!

Jill said...

I love black licorice! I'll have to try some. :-)

BTW How can you not love Red Vines? I can't get through a movie with out them...that's really the only time I eat them. Perhaps the fact that I am distracted by the movie makes them taste better. :-)

tipsybaker said...

I agree with Jill re: Red Vines. Love them.
So is this soft licorice black?
You know what is an underrated soft, chewy, non-chocolate candy: the Swedish fish. I've never understood why gummi bears get all the love.