Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'll gladly pay you Thursday for a hamburger bun today

Chucking It as a life philosophy doesn't always make one's life easier or simpler, which may come as a surprise to you, my gentle readers. "But!" you query.

"What about living in a house with character?
What about those placid mornings spent milking small ruminants?
What about gathering eggs like Easter every day?
What about the smell of fresh-cut hay in your field?
What about spending time at home with your family, rather than driving from lesson to practice to recital to appointment?
What about feeding your family honest food?"

To you I reply,

"Wasp infestation.
Trimming hooves, castrating and disbudding.
Cannibalizing eggs.
Hay usually moldy and no equipment of our own.
Still a bunch of stupid errands to run.
Me in the grocery store deciding that I can't in good conscience purchase hamburger buns."

And I wouldn't trade it, but don't be thinking that it's always as fun as I make it sound. Thank goodness I have Heidi to be my spotter and put on her blog a great recipe for homemade hamburger buns. I modified it with honey and some whole wheat flour, and I've got to say, I felt totally unconflicted serving these sandwiches for dinner tonight:
Delicious, despite the bad picture and the presence of out-of-season greens, non-local avocados, sweatshop chicken and early-puberty cheese. Okay, make that only partly conflicted.

We accompanied them with edamame (which had gone south--we tried to save them in the freezer forever because we were desperately hoping Costco would start carrying them again, but maybe three years is too long?), hummus, and seared spinach with garlic (yum). If you're interested, here is the basic makeup of the sandwich (NOT sammy. Unacceptable terminology.):

baked chicken thigh or breast
cheese (we used Neufchatel, but Monterey Jack would be better)

Embellish as you wish with condiments and toppings. Not complicated, but good for your body.

Today's wasp tally amended to 18.


highdeekay said...

Your hamburger/sandwich buns turned out great! You remain my hero.

I think our highest one-day roach count was 18. Fortunately we mostly have it under control (thanks Terminix) these days and only occasionally run across the disgusting creatures.