Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vote pie!

We had a red, white and blue dinner today. Red represented by corned beef, white by potatoes and blue by the blueberry pie you see here. There was also rutabaga and carrot, but we won't concern ourselves with their orangey color. Also some bacon and black pepper scones, which were nothing great.

I made some more quince jam as well (it takes too long to type "preserves," just to sound like a prig when you're done). And by "some more" I mean "all of the quince jam I or any of my descendants will ever need."

What with the dinner and the jamming I have literally (yes, literally) been on my feet tending to a no-foolin' hot stove since about 11:00 this morning. Here are my conclusions:

I could really do with two ovens
I could really do with all four of my burners working all the time
I love using pate brisee, and I'll NEVER GO BACK
I'm very thankful that Wendy has a food-milling attachment thingy for a Kitchenaid mixer, because that last time of mashing the quinces through the mesh colander sucked deeply


Amy said...

I love your "vote" pie. And, I hear ya on the "it would be nice to have all four burners working," thing. My hubby cannot understand me when I try to explain the importance of great kitchen appliances.