Monday, December 8, 2008

maybe tonight . . . maybe tonight . . . maybe toniiiiiiiiight!

Some soaps I have made.
Clockwise from top right: Orange Pomander with Nubbies, Oatmeal Spice with Nubbies, Citrus Classic, Cinnamon Classic, Lavender Classic (in the center)


John came home heavily laden with the mail and totally harshed my buzz, because he said that the large brown package in his hand (not a poo joke) was my information from the American Dairy Goat Association (insiders call it the ADGA), which it was, but also? There was another, smaller package that had MY POWER CORD! You need to go back and read the last bit of that sentence in Oprahvoice. I'll wait . . .

So I have my internets! And my typing! And all of the keys on my keyboard, including but not limited to the I and 9--because John is awesome like that and replaced them when he did preach unto my laptop hellfire and damnation.

So it's time for the best little Baba Capra Giveaway in history. Also the first one of those. And I've decided to give away some homemade soap, specially made for your paws by my paws. Here's how you win: leave a comment in the comment section of this post. The one I'm writing/you're reading right now. It doesn't have to be intelligent, and misspellings and grammar errors will not be penalized or decrease the likelihood of your winning. Am I not merciful? Next Monday near this time I will put all commenters' names in a receptacle which may or may not be a hat (I don't promise what I can't deliver). Some member of our family will draw out a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner, and I will post the names of same. You all want to win this, because soap is good for washing stuff, and we all need to wash stuff. Also, flavors! By which I mean scents!

Lavender Classic
Cinnamon Classic
Citrus Classic
Grapefruit Ginger with Nubbies
Oatmeal Spice with Nubbies

1st Prize will be 5 bars of soap, 2nd is 4 bars and 3rd is 3. All with no scary ingredients. You may choose one scent or a medley (up to 3, or it might be the Twelfth of Never before you get your loot). Leave a comment and your scent preference and win a major award! Thank you. That is all.


All8 said...

Wow, classy gifts.

1-Grapefruit & Ginger
2-Classic Lavender

Of course I wouldn't turn anything down, it all looks so yummy. Not that I eat soap. Well, there are times that I probably should, but we won't talk about that, cuz I want to WIN!

tipsybaker said...

Do I get to do this even though we've never met?
Anyway, I'll TRY: grapefruit ginger.

Jill said...

awesome. i would be happy with any flavor. can i eat it too?... maybe i will say a naughty word so I can justify tasting the soap...

Matt and Emily said...

Congrats on the fixed computer- the Oprah voice added much excitement. Wow, those soaps are beautiful, that's awesome you made them. The flavors all sound wonderful- here's my top three: Citrus Classic, Cinnamon Classic, & Grapefruit Ginger.


i do not know where you find the time but i will join in also good thing your not judging on spelling etc...lavender,cinnamon,grapefruit ginger...great blog by the way...give luv to the kids...opa and oma

Jenny said...

Aw, man- Jill stole my comment. I was going to say that my kids will love having their mouths washed out with soap now! J/K- I've never really done that. But it would be a whole lot more tempting if I won some beautiful soap. I want to smell them all and would be happy with any of them. Congrats on getting your stuff all back and working! See you tomorrow night? Hope so!

Nate, Claire & Norah said...

I should win because I'm your sister. Grapefruit sounds really yummy.

richvm said...

Hell....o I could use some soap!

highdeekay said...

1 hat = some soap??? I like all flavors except booger (but I loves all things ginger).

Did I mention that my blog totally wants to "go" with your blog?

Sarah said...

I'll take whatever I can get my dirty-soap-needing hands on. But if I must... Grapefruit Ginger, Citris, and Oatmeal Spice. Yum!

hevenstuff said...

I want in. I don't care what, I just want in.

Amy said...

I really, really want to win your soap. All of the flavors sound yummy, but especially the ones with nubbies. So glad your back. Pick me, pick me!

Brooke S said...

I really enjoy your anecdotes. The Grapefruit and Ginger sounds peachy - well citrus and gingery.

Good luck with the goats. My MIL had goats when my husband was small - they stopped having goats when she got tied around the post that they were tied to - and was left there for several hours until someone got home. I hope you have better luck.

(VM fan and former NH singer/pianist)

Sarah R. said...

Should I know what Nubbies are? The citrus and grapefruit sound cool. Oh, and part of me wants to be like you when I grow up. What part you say? I think it's the pioneer woman inside of me part.
From, Sarah

Sarah? Jill's sister, who finds herself occasionally seeking amusement by reading the musings of a "proprietress of an eensy plot of hay and mess in rural Northern Utah where (her) family is trying to stop taking so much for granted." Close quote.
Inspirational really. In a funny, cynical,charming way.