Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the winningest winners of all

Mesdames et messieurs, I present to you the winners of the 2008 Baba Capra Giveaway:

3rd place: 3 bars of soap to Sarah my sister-in-law who is conscious of her state of happiness
2nd place: 4 bars of soap to Jenny (who may share her soap with her husband if she wishes, although he did not win)
1st place: 5 bars of soap to Sarah who is Jill's sister

Woot! The excitement is palpable! Winners, email your mailing address and any last fragrance requests to me at babacapra at gmail dot com. Non-winners (none of that 'losers' kind of hate speech around here), I feel sad that Lady Luck made snake eyes at you.


Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Layne said...

I've removed Jenny's comment that included her address, not because she was talking filthy, but because I don't want any of you crazy people showing up at her house and trying to sell her carpet cleaner or something. Rest assured that she was super excited about being a WINNAH!

Jill said...

How dare I loose to my flesh and blood! You could a..give it to I could ah...make sure she gets it...(evil sneaky laugh) I'm glad it will be in the family. I will deeply inhale her skin next time I see her.

Jenny said...

Yeah, that was kinda dumb to put my address out there- I really didn't think much at the moment! Thank you for removing it. You never know who reads your blog. Just look at my comments on my Harry blog!

highdeekay said...

sad, I am, but thrilled for you winners nonetheless.

I could really use some nice smelling soap right now to combat the puke odor ...


oh heck...better luck next time if there is one...would make great x-mas gifts...hint hint

Sarah said...

I LOVE TO WIN!!! Yipee for winning! I like the sound of that :) You need not mail the soapage to me. Just bring it along sometime when you're in the area. Thanks much much much much!

Sarah R. said...

I hope I am not an unworthy winner since A) I haven't been able to check the status of the drawing until TWO WHOLE DAYS after the fact.
B) You had no idea I was a reader until this drawing.
C) My sister probably deserves it more.
D) I still don't know what Nubbies are.
But, aside from all of that. I am so excited I won!!! This has rekindled my belief that I could possibly be a recipient of good luck. As a child I believed. Imagine a BYU game where five people win a stuffed animal by merit of the number on their ticket... I loved that stuffed dog. So thank you, it has been many years. I'm excited to see your fancy soap. Will you pick five of your favorites? I trust you. I'll email my address.
Thanks Layne!
p.s. I also feel warm and fuzzy thinking of cute little (Pinga is it?), picking my name out of a puke bowl.