Thursday, January 29, 2009

an afghan to make me cry

This post is for Heidi, because my potato of a computer won't attach files to email.

Here is the granny square afghan from Apartment Therapy. Eee! So cute. Maybe I'll go look for yarn remnants at the DI or something.


highdeekay said...

Oh yeah, that is awesome. I will try to do it justice. I must tell you up front that I'm a bit of a yarn snob. I don't like the scratchy, generic stuff. I either like the expensive fancy stuff or if I must go generic, I buy the baby yarn with a bit of a gloss to it. It just makes for a much softer cuddle when the thing is done.

Yarn remnants from DI is a very good idea. You could also check Hobby Lobby because they usually have bins of odd yarn that is marked down.

Layne said...

Sweet! Because I want alotsa colors, just like in the picture. You may hate me with the white-hot-intensity of a thousand suns before too long.

I am fussy about yarn, too, and I wouldn't want your little paws to get all chapped.

Jill said...

ok, when I looked at your post title, I thought for sure I would see a picture of some Afhahni child or old woman in poor living conditions. You know..poor enough to make you cry. lol

Blankets are nice too.