Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cannibals, beans and bread--a winning combination

I shouldn't read books about the end of the world. I just got done with "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy (not because Oprah the Life Coach told me to read it, however--I love me some Cormac), and it is a beautiful and terrible book that had me in tears within the first fifty pages. So now to the intelligent robots I can add bloodcult cannibals in my litany of Things About the Future that Scare the Crap Out of Me. Our house is too close to the road! The marauding hordes of villains will see us and descend to brutalize us!

I'm making the garbanzo bean and pasta soup from Safely Gathered In for dinner tonight, only a little less non-perishable friendly. Such is my state of malaise that I'm pretty stoked about it. Actually, that's not true. I would always be stoked about it, malaise or no. Dried beans, as many of you know, are the world's most perfect food. Oh, exaggerating, am I? Perhaps. But they are certainly in the top 10. So tasty.

My family is having a little vacation this weekend, and John and I are doing breakfast on Monday morning. So I stocked up on eggs and am making challah to do French toast. Yeah, it would be easier to just buy some Macey's Farm Bread, but challah really is worth the effort for French toast. (Also, there's no way for you to know this unless you've met me, know someone who has met me, or read this blog, but I am a vain braggart and a show-off. Shh. Don't tell anyone. Also don't tell anyone that challah is not difficult.) I wish I knew if there were a better recipe than Joy's, but the ones I saw on the interwebs all looked pretty much the same, so maybe not. Which reminds me--who among you has a really great baking book that you can recommend to me? I'd like a bread-centric baking bible with an informal tone. I am still miffed at Martha for not including breads of any kind in her book. Hmmph.


highdeekay said...

I am loving the Lion House cookbook these days. They have a challah recipe - you want me to send it to you? I'm so there for you. Thanks for the ((HUGS)) by the way.

Layne said...

You're welcome.

Yes! Please send me the challah recipe. And I'm pretty sure I threw down the pork loin gauntlet, and I'm still waiting for a recipe . . .

Lion House rolls are the bestest.

And to answer a previous question--yes, we're trying to phase out boxed cereal because of the embalming agents contained therein. Yeah, I'm That Lady. I've become all I ever hated.

tipsybaker said...

Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger. (I think I misspelled her last name, but it's close.) This is my favorite baking book ever. And the banana bread is spectacular. You probably thought spectacular banana bread was an oxymoron, but this recipe proves otherwise.
Also. The Road. So sorry. I loved that book but felt it poisoned my mind for weeks. I don't even like to think about it.