Wednesday, January 21, 2009

information of which I should be more ashamed

I still get angry when I remember a poll a local radio station did (I was in junior high) in which the DJs asked which was the better group, the Beatles or the Beach Boys. I can't say that all my disgust for my fellow human beings can be traced to the moment the Beach Boys were declared the superior band, but a goodly amount of it can, and it's one of the defining moments in which I realized that my faith in my peers was misplaced, and that I was, in fact, surrounded by troglodytes. As I got older I realized that people who call in to radio stations are not to be trusted, and that their measurably lower IQs had skewed the data, but even so. Not acceptable.

When John and I started dating he was an avowed Beatles crank. He liked some of their songs a little bit, but not more than a handful, and only the Short-Haired Beatles were acceptable. Those hippie Long-Haired Beatles were entirely devoid of merit. But I am like the Chinese Water Torture made flesh, and since I owned a lot of Beatles music, he was repeatedly exposed to the gamut. As the years wore on, he realized that he hadn't even heard a lot of their best stuff, and he even came to like their long-haired period. Thankfully he'd already been made familiar with "Helter Skelter," courtesy of U2 (and their sucky, sucky cover of it), which would have been a tough sell otherwise. So loud and screamy! It's what keeps him from enjoying "Taxman" and its ilk.

This is ground that has been exhaustively covered by minds brighter and tongues more articulate than mine, but it's true all the same: the Beatles' knobs go to eleven.

Paul McCartney was my celebrity boyfriend for the longest time, and I'm not wholly confident that I wouldn't attempt to kiss him square on the mouth if I were to meet him, even at his advanced, doddering age. But as my friends can verify, my current celebrity boyfriend is Bob Newhart, so there's that. Hey, I love me an old dude. I bet John would be cool with me kissing Sir Paul, anyway, because he's set his cap for Dame Edna.
Rowr! She is some hot stuff.

And by the way, I'm also chapped that in "Live and Let Die" Paul is clearly saying "in this ever-changing world in which we're living," and everybody is up in his business about how he's saying "in which we live in," which he, hopefully, with English as his first language and being possessed of a brain would never, never say.


All8 said...

Beatles, ALL THE WAY!