Monday, January 12, 2009

just five months to baby goats

Traci came home on Saturday (Have I mentioned that I chose neither her name nor the spelling thereof?) and Catwoman is like a different goat. I think the solitude was sapping her will to live. She moped in her hut and wouldn't eat or drink much of anything. John said that Traci was pulling him to the truck, then pulling him to the pen, she was so eager to get home. But it wasn't Catwoman she missed, it was the groceries. She's lost weight--evidently our neighbors aren't quite so liberal in their rations as Captain America. I know! I'm surprised, too. Sometimes he thinks he wants a border collie, and my go-to argument is the "that's the kind of dog you have to feed every day" one, and how he hasn't really proven his trustworthiness in that regard.

We're going to fence off part of the field into sections to rotate the goats through and keep them in fresh forage during the growing season, but still leave enough hay to feed them through the winter. Just as soon as our Rich Uncle Skeleton dies and leaves us his money tree in his will. Any day now . . .

I ordered my seeds this weekend, yay! The year of the garden, I'm telling you people. It's going to happen. I will be able to find my plants among the weeds this year, this I vow.


Matt and Emily said...

Where did you order seeds from? I was looking through a catalog yesterday- so fun.

Layne said...

I ordered from's the Baker Creek link on my sidebar under "hippie concerns." They don't have bargain deals like Gurney, but they have a lot more variety. It was hard for me to not order every winter squash and tomato they had.

All8 said...

Layne have have the same problem, with the squash and tomatoes. Their selection is HUGE.

Ambrose has studied rotation grazing and we'll be doing that when we find our own little piece of Eden. He interned this summer at a place that does grass-raised beef. The owner wants him to come back to set up a schedule and rotation program for his cattle. (It's the wave of the future. LOL!)

If you want, I can ask him what books or websites he recommends. I know that he receives a publication called 'The Stockman Grass Farmer,'

Yay for new babies. Baby goats are some of the cutest.

tipsybaker said...

You are inspiring me to start my garden plans, which are quite ambitious this year. Now is the time I should be ordering the bare root trees.
I am happy for you no-longer-lonely goat.