Tuesday, January 20, 2009

of cheese and presidents

Buying sixty dollars worth of cheese in one go isn't excessive, is it? Nah, I didn't think so.

On our way home from Morgan yesterday, John pointed off to the north side of the freeway and said, "There's Beehive Cheese." And then he just kept driving, like it was no big deal! I gasped and exclaimed, "WHY AREN'T WE GOING?" Sadly, we were already past the exit. Happily, there was another exit just a few miles down the road and we were able to correct our error. They were not making cheese yesterday, but a very nice young man gave us a tour all the same, explained the cheesemaking process to my little goblins, and showed us the hundreds of beautiful wheels of cheese stacked in the two aging rooms. I plan to go back and help make some cheese sometime when I can get John to ride herd on the kids--anybody want to come along? They are wonderfully nice people, and very enthusiastic about their work. I bought a package of every cheese they had except the cajun one, because I'm not really about hot cheese. Babyish of me.

It's a big day, huh? Like him or not, this is a historic moment for our country. I'm not crazy about him, personally. I think he has some scary ideas--he seems to be more in favor of governmental intervention than I would like. But John McCain was just as scary, in ways both similar and disparate. Being the kookoopants I am, I don't place much faith in any of our elected officials. So we may as well have somebody who can inspire people to have faith in their ability to achieve the American Dream. And the end of Cheney's rule cannot come soon enough for me.

I'm off to watch the party.


highdeekay said...

The image of Cheney going out riding a wheel chair is just too poetic. Yeah buddy, the whole nation is feeling a bit wounded and you definitely played a role in that!

Layne said...

Tom Brokaw did an awesome backhanded insult, saying that there will be many people who don't care for Cheney who will compare him in his wheelchair to Dr. Strangelove--of course Tom Brokaw would not be one of those people, I'm sure!