Wednesday, January 7, 2009

product may stay: Shout Ultra Gel

I love this stuff, you guys. It is magic. It takes out all manner of stains. Last week Pinga had a minor altercation with the rocking chair in our dining room and got a fat lip (what is WITH kids and fat lips?) and bled all over a white shirt she was wearing because her mom is the kind of stupid that buys a white shirt for a toddler. I hurried and ganked it off and put Shout Ultra Gel on it immediately--you don't want to be whistling Dixie while the blood sets, after all--then let it sit until I did another batch of whites. And it was pure as the driven snow! There are times when the stain doesn't come completely out, but I just do a second coat of gel--don't dry it, or you will have destroyed all hope of removing the stain--and send it through again. But one go-round is almost always enough.

Don't be fooled into getting the Shout spray, or Spray 'n Wash, because they are worse than useless. To the dump with them! The Ultra Gel is the way to go. I'll just try not to think about all the three-eyed fish I'm making every time I use it.


Amy said...

Good to know. I'm always looking for an easy way to fight stains. Wisk and ammonia mixed 50/50 is also an amazing stain fighter.