Thursday, January 1, 2009

salutations for the new year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, you crazy kids! Did you all get your thneeds? I did--I got two fetching new aprons, because I wear the heck out of an apron and my Pike Place Market one is starting to look pretty raggedy. And it's not a Sunday-go-to-meeting apron like my new ones. Plus I get to take a cooking class at Sur la Table, which I am stoked about, and I got that new Cooking School cookbook by Martha Stewart. It seems like it will be a fun one to have on hand. I couldn't decide between Martha and Ina, because I have never made anything of Ina's that I haven't loved, but I took a chance. I'm a little perturbed that Martha doesn't have a section on baking, but evidently she considers baking to be a law unto itself. I guess it's time for me to start amassing some specialty cookbooks, now that I have a good selection of primers.

I had a lovely discovery this holiday season--I made pavlova for a Christmas party, and of course I had all those egg yolks left over. And a batch of creme brulee works perfectly to take care of that, since you can use yolks or whole eggs. Since I did yolks I thought I could maybe get away with using milk instead of cream, and the result was less dense and velvety, but it was still a worthy dessert. Not Matthew great, but still yummy.

And, speaking of the pavlova--I think I decided that Swiss meringue, although it is so pleasant to work with, is not good for pavlova. It needs a French meringue to be as light and airy as it's meant to be, in my opinion. Swiss meringe makes something much more similar to divinity, which, although delicious, is not pavlova.

Santa did not bring me a computer, but he is pardoned, because he's bringing my mom a dual-fuel range that I am going to find all kinds of excuses to use.


tipsybaker said...

Hurray! You are back! But. . . does Santa's failure to bring you a computer mean this is temporary?

Amy said...

I love creme brulee. And, I'm totally impressed that you made it. I'm not sure I'd ever attempt it. Way to go you!

All8 said...

Congratulations on the pretty, new aprons. I'm impressed with the fancy, schmancy desserts. Sounds, oh so, tempting.