Friday, January 9, 2009

she can't take much more, captain

Catwoman is limping--I think the deep snow has been hard on her sad little toothpicks. I'm headed out to take a closer look at her.

Well, I've been outside. She is a hot mess, is what. Her leg looks broken because she's walking on the side of her hoof like my arthritic grandma, who walked on her ankle so long she wore through to the bone and had to have her foot amputated. True story. And her hooves are crazy like Madonna's arms--all twisty and overgrown, even though we trimmed them not very long ago. They look-a like this:
Oh, Patron Saints of Animal Husbandry, why do you mock me? (Patron Saints: "Look at her hooves more often, dummy.") It's our fault she's in such need of a trim, but my word! So fast they grow! I bet she's freebasing gelatin and prenatal vitamins.


Jill said...

Layne,Layne,Layne, give her what EVERY girl really wants...a french manicure! She's just gonna keep growing them until you do.

All8 said...

It sounds like you're going to have to cull her. Ouch, I know, easier said than done. Is it possible to find a replacement at this juncture?

All8 said...

Oh, and that lady freaks me out. Ewww. I don't even want to know how she has to maneuver to take care of things, big small or whatever. She can't even pick her own nose. (Not that I'm advocating any kind of nose picking.) But you get the idea. {{{SHUDDER}}}