Thursday, January 8, 2009

this post is a chick ride, sorry fellas

Fellas, you can read it, but you may regret your choice. It gets a whole lot more dudey (NOT a pun) at the end.

I love playing Home Scientician. It's much more fun than Home Endocrinologist, which I played for a while after I calved Captain America (hee! farm talk). We were going to be going on vacation to Florida, and I didn't want to be, as Cher Horowitz would put it, surfing the crimson wave while we were there. And I was on The Pill, so I knew pretty definitely that I would be surfing said wave. So every month when I took the placebo or whatever pills, I would move them up one day--throw one pill away and take the next day's pill, so I ended up having only 6 days of green pills, in order to bump up my schedule and avoid the hassle. And one day when I was vomiting in the bathroom of Einstein Brothers Bagels (A wretched, wretched eating establishment that still makes me sad to think about. Such terrible bagels!) while holding onto Captain America, trying to keep him from rolling around on the floor, I thought, "Wow. I sure have been throwing up a lot lately. Every month, in fact. Around the same time, too. I wonder if it has something to do with . . . oh. Oh. Stooooooopid me." Thus ended my career in Reproductive Science.

But, like I was saying. Home Scientician. Pretty much any experiment can be umbrellaed under the auspices of home science, and this one is no different. My family eats a lot of fiber, for reasons both business- and pleasure-related, and I'm trying to get packaged breakfast cereals out of our diet. But what can replace bran flakes in the colon-cleansing sector? So I'ma try eating vegetables and fruits that are scrapey in nature to see if they can. Here is this morning's effort:

(pretend there is a picture of my breakfast of spinach salad with mustard and lemon viniagrette, an over-easy egg, plain yogurt, and a glass of ice water here--I will add it later when John gets home)

Nothing too crazy, but there are no flakes. And I don't need the fiber quite so desperately as some in the dojo, but I'll absorb the relevant data and extrapolate what the likely outcome will be for those retentive sorts.


Sarah said...

Soooo....when my sister had to play Home Scientist for similar reasons, her findings were conclusive. Every morning she eats either eggs and berries, or oatmeal, plain yogurt and blueberries. She used to just pack in the Fiber at every possible moment, but as Daniel described, Fiber is like sawdust in the colon. It works great to get things moving, if not overdone. However, when you pack a small space FULL of sawdust, well, let's just say it can get pretty backed up. Veggies, Protein, and tons of water are great cleansers. Anyway, I hope your experimentation helps your "retentive" peoples.

highdeekay said...

So are getting rid of packaged cereals because they are full of unnatural junk and thus and such?

I've never been a big fan (I do loves me some hot cereal though) but Phil likes the simplicity of pouring a bowl.

I'm intrigued by your experiment.