Monday, January 26, 2009

try this easy food thing: homemade biopot

John fondly remembers eating Biopot yogurt when he was on his mission in England, and he seems to think that I ate it as well when we were there. I dispute this claim, and here is my argument in three parts. First of all: I would certainly remember eating something called Biopot. Second: I would also remember eating yogurt that had grains in it. Third: John is a notorious fabricator of memories.

So, Biopot. John says it was yogurt that had not just a hilarious name but barley in it as well--softened, like you do with beans. With the cursory investigation I've done, it seems that Biopot comes in varied flavors, some of which do, in fact, contain whole grains. Those crazy limeys! What will they think of next, pudding made of blood? But that's not why we're here. John told me about Biopot the other day, and it sounded scrump (you may use that smurfy word), so when I made BB mush for breakfast I stirred some of the wheat into my yogurt, and it was, if not a transcendant experience, at least one worth repeating. I feel that the chewy bits improve my life's full of wonder/craptacular ratio.

Before you go to sleep, rinse off a cup of wheat. Put it into a pan, cover it with an inch of water and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and let the wheat sit on the burner overnight. In the morning, drain the wheat and plonk some spoonfuls into your yogurt. It's fun. You'll have fun. You'll like it.

BB Mush
Instead of putting the wheat into your yogurt, put it into a bowl, pour over it your morning milk/cream and sweeten it with brown sugar or honey. Boys are especially amenable to this violent-sounding dish.