Wednesday, January 28, 2009

you stay classy, jerks

Don't you guys feel bad for Minnesota? There they are, minding their own business, and they've got these two yahoos gouging eyes over which one of them can rightfully embarrass his home state in the Senate. And that is really cool that Al Franken was able to find more ballots than there are voters in 25 different precincts. Ah, politics.

I also feel bad for the Middle East, in that I have reached my Depressing and Irritating News Saturation Point. Once, a long time ago, I read this bit (warning for my gentle-hearted readers: there is an f-word and profanity) on The Onion, and I've got to say that I identify pretty strongly with Jeff Lockre, Salesman. I realize this makes me a terrible person, that if I cared about my fellow man I would be deeply invested in seeking a resolution, but at some point I think we've got to realize that they are not ever going to stop fighting. That this is the reality. I can't imagine we're too far off from the world community as a whole saying "You know what? You guys suck. Go ahead and blow yourselves to kingdom come, because we're done with you." Except that their behavior puts the rest of the world at risk, which is even crappier of them.

Again with The Onion--I checked out "Our Dumb World" last year, and though I would not recommend it as a mood-lifter, it was sort of nice to have the many terrible things about people behaving hideously toward one another phrased as comedy. Because what else can we do, really, besides laugh?

Why won't people just get their crap together and act right?