Wednesday, February 11, 2009

aborted online cheese tutorial

Thanks to a couple of studious readers I have discovered that I can probably post the mozzarella recipe without fear of legal reprisal and imprisonment, which is a real load off. I hear the Ladies' Detention Center is a rough crowd. In fact, I'll go make some right now, and live blog it.

Frick! I forgot that I'm still waiting for my new thermometer to arrive (along with a copy of "A Wind in the Door," because I needed that free shipping). Lemme see what else I can work out. I wonder if I dare just guess? Probably not. I realize that people all over the world are making cheese with old sweaters and #10 cans, but I'm not enough in tune with the process.

Well, it turns out that I left my rennet at my in-laws' house the last time I made cheese there, so that tears it. We'll revisit this.


Matt and Emily said...

Here's a link on Ricki Carroll's website on how to make mozzarella- with pictures too-

Matt and Emily said...

From the link above- click on "More Information"

Layne said...

Well, lookit that. I won't worry about it, then.

tipsybaker said...

Please live blog the cheesemaking!!! I want to read your account. I made ricotta today and it was delicious -- better than what I had bought, if overly firm. I had many questions. Like: is there some use to which you can put the whey?
Must order my Ricki Carroll book tomorrow.