Wednesday, February 4, 2009

for behold, the 386 . . . a spectacle of graphics and sound!

Woot! Again I say woot!

I am possessed of a new computer--no longer for me the sprouting potato that is the desktop machine. Nay, for I have taken a new lover. We found one that met our requirements for price and competency, and here it sits, humming gently on my lap. I suppose it's humming, because IT'S SO QUIET I CAN'T HEAR IT! Huzzah! And there are no other points of electrical ingress near the power jack, so there's that dragon slain.

I know that it doesn't alter your experience whatsoever for me to have a new laptop, but it vastly improves mine. Now I can tell you about all the splendid and not-so-splendid breads I've been making, and attach descriptive pictures at the same time! I can tell you about the incredible Promontory Cheddar smoked with walnuts and apples that is gone, gone, gone, and is not available in stores. Sad.

The ciabatta I made yesterday? BOO. I did such a terrible job. No Bread Baker's Apprentice am I. It was dense, squat and tight-crumbed, with none of the airy, open holes that make it ciabatta. The Philistines I live with were thankful for it all the same, especially since it meant they didn't have to eat any more of the seared spinach or sauteed cabbage with bacon. The children hated me so. much. last night. But I love sauteed cabbage, and so does John, so nuts to them.

I also made the homemade graham crackers from Martha Stewart's cookie book, which turned out to be very delicious. They taste sort of like those Biscoff cookies you get on airplanes (only way better, duh)--crispy, shortbready and buttery with a tiny hint of cinnamon. Martha advised that I roll the dough out into rectangles, then trim the rectangles and cut out the crackers with a fluted pastry wheel, because she is high. I just rolled them out and cut them into roughly similar-sized squarish shapes. I'm sure the lack of fluted edges made them taste nothing like they ought, but into every life a little rain must fall. We don't eat graham crackers often, or ever, really, so I don't know that I would make them very often. Not to mention that there is no oven temperature indicated anywhere in the recipe, so I hazarded a guess at 375*, like, thanks for nothing, Martha.

No pictures yet, because before they can have a conversation, the camera and computer must be formally introduced by a respected third party, so as not to create gossip and scandal. Then the computer has to pledge its troth and the camera's dowry has to be agreed upon . . . it's a whole thing.

Yay for me!


highdeekay said...

Yeah for us all. You say it will not change my experience? I say, nay, it shall. When your computer and camera are appropriately intimate we shall all benefit.


All8 said...

Congratulations on your new accouterments. Soldier on!

I hope that you have better luck with Martha recipes than I have ever had. Made her pancakes once, nightmare. The recipe was wrong. It was either too much milk or not enough flour. And how are you supposed to fix that and keep the right texture?

Made split pea soup last night. Still plenty leftover. The minions will be eating it tonight too. (Ha ha ha!) DH and I liked it.

All8 said...

P.S. Homemade graham crackers are the best.