Thursday, February 19, 2009

a good way to ruin homemade pasta, also: egg! and food blogs!

I sort of feel bad for giving our Saturday night pasta the shaft in favor of discussing the pavlova, but I made it again yesterday, so it's aight. Homemade pasta, as you know, is ALWAYS the best choice, and if you have a pasta roller, even a hand-cranker, you can make some amazing stuff. We got our pasta machine for our wedding from the girl John dated before me--you'd think it would be cursed or something, but it hasn't even eaten my hands at all. I use it more than any other wedding present except the microwave (the duvet is on the guest bed, so . . . ). Patti, you are a gentlewoman and a scholar.

I hadn't done spinach pasta before Saturday, but it's waaaay easy, and so pretty. And so I present: Homemade Spinach Pasta: An Essay in Photos.

Get six ounces of fresh spinach, or 12 ounces if you are like me and want leftovers/large portions for the garbage trucks you gave birth to. I am seriously worried about when they get to be teenagers. Martha will tell you to trim the stems, but come on.

Steam it. This is the first time I've used that steamer basket, since I always just plop whatever I'm steaming in a little bit of water--I do think it was easier to dry out with the use of the basket. How much do you want a permanent grease stain on your pot like mine?

Once it's steamed--just a few minutes, it should still be bright green--dry it out. This time I put it in our salad spinner with some paper towels. It worked really well.

Then let it cool for a bit and plop it in the fopro. Martha said to chop it, but . . . it's going into the food processor. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, people. Add two eggs and two yolks (for the double recipe).

Mixy, mixy until it looks like this--not long.

Add 2 1/2 C of flour and a teaspoon of salt (double recipe still)--you will probably also need to add another 1/4 C of flour to make it not incredibly sticky.

Mixy, mixy, just until it comes together.

Then dump it onto a well-floured counter, but first you're going to have to clean off the cowpie that some rude person put there.

After a little bit of kneading you have this. Let it rest for an hour or two, or put it wrapped into the fridge until you're ready to use it.

Divide the dough into eight pieces, flatten them out, and
start rolling . . .

. . . and rolling . . .

. . . and rolling until it looks like my sister. This will take you a wicked long time. Then cut it with your attachment or a pizza cutter. Let the noodles dry for a few minutes, then cook them like normal.

And there you are, eating loveliness. See the steam?

I don't want to hear about how you don't have time to make pasta. You do too. There are a lot of days when I don't even get to leave the house, because my selfish children need naps and adult supervision. You can spend this time in unprofitable housecleaning, or in delicious foodmaking. But I just want you to remember that if you clean your house, the terrorists win.

Do not do this next part. It's a waste of good preserved lemons and roasted garlic.
Chop up the lemon, rind and all.

Put it in a pan with olive oil, melted butter, and roasted garlic. Heat it and dress the pasta with it.

Not great. But I wanted to use my lemons, and how was I to know that The Kitchn would steer me wrong? So unlike them!

Yesterday when I went out to feed the chickens, I found this:
It's realreal big.

It was from the Sex Link, who normally is a cannibal, but I beat her to it. It was still warm and everything. I love warm eggs. I also love thwarting our evil chicken in acheiving her perverse designs.

And because you like to eat, just like me, here is a link to Times Online's list of 50 food blogs, some of my favorites among them.


tipsybaker said...

Where is Tipsy Baker on that Times list? I am DEVASTATED.
I couldn't agree with you more about pasta. I think it's probably the most delicious thing you can make at home, more worth the trouble than almost anything, including ice cream.

highdeekay said...

LOVE homemade pasta. I have the same roller/pasta maker as yours (at least it looks the same) but mine says not to use salt in it as the salt will ruin the rollers. Hmmm. I am so going to make this recipe. I have a couple of new things for my want list too: salad spinner, steaming thingy majiggy - I know, how do I not have one of those?

Thanks for sharing. Also, can I quote you on not cleaning or else the terrorists win? Love it!

Matt and Emily said...

Whoah! That looks sooo good. I've never made homemade pasta before. Do you think I would be cursing to much if I tried to make it without the pasta maker thing?

Layne said...

No, you need a machine. I swear I saw one the other day for under $30. And it's for sure a necessity.

All8 said...

Look at that COLOR!!! So beautiful.

On occasion I make egg noodles, by hand. I say, find a machine because everybody loves the noodles, there will never be enough and when you compare the cost of the machine to the price to visit the chiropractor, well, you won't even bat an eye.

I think I've seen a similar one at Joann's (of all places) for $20. Crafters use it for Fimo and other clays. It looks like the one that they use for pasta. ?????

Can't wait to try your recipe. Have you tried beets or carrots? You'd probably have to cook and puree them first though. ????

Look at you working the whole "Martha" thing, except you're really doing it and don't have countless millions to spend and minions to berate and control. (Kids, unfortunately, don't count.)

Keep up the great posts.

(That egg is HUGE!)

highdeekay said...

made it tonight with cheese sauce ... mmmm delicious! A big hit with all three of us (except Phil has to do lots of dishes because of it...).

thanks for the recipe!