Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am a copyright scold

So, here's the thing about my cheese. Being married to John has made me very particular about copyright law, but all the cheeses I make can be found in "Home Cheese Making" by Ricki Carroll, which you may purchase cheaply, and is a great buy if only for all the interesting stories about American cheesemakers. I make the 30-minute mozzarella (so, commenter Heather, I'm guessing it's just like the mock mozzarella you made), chevre, creme fraiche, mascarpone, yogurt* and kefir* (which are technically not cheeses, but are in the book), queso blanco (rarely because it's boring) and once I made the farmhouse cheddar. I don't make anything difficult--that's what Caputo's is for. Someday when I don't have so many little people underfoot I'll be able to spend more time on my cheese, but I'll have to be satisfied with the easy and quick stuff for now.

Ricki told us in our cheesemaking class that she wanted us to understand what the cheesemaking process is, so when we see a cheese for 18 dollars a pound we would know how much work had gone into it, and that there's a reason for it being so expensive. I think the Testun was the most expensive cheese I've ever purchased, at $35.00 a pound--and it is worth every penny. Cheese like that isn't meant to be eaten in slabs, or melted on sandwiches. It is best eaten slowly, in little nibbles, so you can appreciate all the textures and flavors melding together in your mouth.

My favorite places to buy cheese in Utah are, in order:
Whole Foods
Liberty Heights Fresh
Harmon's (I've never been there when their cheesemonger was working)
farmer's markets

Both Beehive and Rockhill have their cheese available on-site, as well. And I read on Rockhill's blog the other day that there may be a cheesemonger in Logan soon, so I won't have to drive so far to spend my money anymore.

*I can give you my recipe for these, since "recipe" is a pretty generous term for what it is. I'll do that in a separate post for purposes of cleanliness.


tipsybaker said...

Someone asked me the other day if I could put recipes on my blog. I said, I'd love to, but I've never invented a recipe and it's a copyright infringement to use the recipes of others.
Then I became curious how everyone in the world seems to post recipes on their blogs and suffer no consequences. The rules for recipes are not as clear-cut as I had thought. One of my goals today is to get to the bottom of this.
BTW, I'm buying the cheesemaking book. Between you and Barbara K.

Unknown said...

It's not copyright infringement if you give attribute to the source. That is, include the author's name and recipe title. a link back to the source is nice to give also.

I make cheese several times a week from the milk that my dairy goats provide. I manufacture the Capri home cheese press that anyone can use. So there is no reason why more folks can't enjoy their own cheesemaking adventures

Heather said...

Thank you for the leads!