Friday, February 27, 2009

I hope I don't regret this, aka, please no tolkien fanfic

I'm probably opening Pandora's box here, because when Jenny posted something about Harry Potter on her blog she got some nutbar in the comments who explained in painful detail the ins and outs and comings and goings of the Harry Potter alternate universe. So I'm not buying any of that crazy.

What I want to know is, what is Elrond's problem? More specifically, why is he all harshing Arwen about how Aragorn will die and leave her a widow while she lives on and on? Doesn't she have to choose a mortal life to be with Aragorn? Doesn't "mortal" mean "you're going to die?" I'm watching the Lord of the Rings while I do my "running" in the morning and it's been a few years since I read the books, so my recollection of the events is untrustworthy. Is this something exclusive to the movie? Is it like that weird schizoid argument when Smeagol tells Gollum to "leave now and never come back?" Man, sometimes I wish we did grammar the way the British do. It would be a lot easier to put the punctuation outside the quotes when the punctuation refers to the sentence as a whole, not the quoted insert. Anyway, I know there were liberties taken with the story, and I forget if this is one of them.

Help me out, readers (especially you, Steven). Does Arwen have to choose to become mortal or not, and what does that mean for an elf? And is Elrond confused, or just a jerk?


highdeekay said...

Well, if you would join the fellowship of the ring alternate reality community you could take on the persona of an elf in love with a mortal and then you could face this decision yourself and then you could tell US how it goes.

Really, I think you should.

Layne said...

Boo! Mean Heidi!