Tuesday, February 24, 2009

onions and cauliflower, stage 2

I don't want to jinx it, but most of the seeds actually germinated. I know! I'm as surprised as you are. I'm so excited for the cauliflower--I saw some purple cauliflower yesterday in Whole Foods and said to Superman, "Look! This is the kind of cauliflower we're going to have!" He was underwhelmed.

Anyhoodle, their roots were starting to poke through the netting a little bit, so I thought maybe it was time to repot them. Remember that I normally just buy them ready to plant from the nursery, so I'm in a little over my head here.
I got my potting soil and all the pots I saved from last year--again, I'm surprised, too. Who would have thought of me as the kind of person to think ahead? I tore the netting on each of the Jiffy pots to let the roots be unhindered in their progress, and Superman helped me transplant. I bet we killed all of them.

Here they are, comfy and cozy in their new digs. Ha! I didn't even mean to pun! I have a card table with a vinyl tablecloth set up in front of our big, south-facing dining room window. It's cluttery and messy, so of course it fits in like peas and carrots with the rest of our house. And it's just getting us ready for when we have to have a big smelly box of baby chicks in here. We were going to try hatching some of our own, but since Fauntleroy has been accidentally sent to meet his Maker, we're going to have to buy some. And I was so excited to stick it to Big Poultry.

Last week I bought some of those roots-on herbs from Target, and thought maybe I'd try planting them, so I will finally have a windowsill herb garden and not have to wait a coon's age before the plants grow big enough to harvest. I'm full of great ways you can spend more money to get the same result--thanks to being a member of Generation Entitled. I planted the herbs in random cans I liberated from the recycling bin and punched holes in the bottom, and stuck them in the window. I had to trim them, because the tops were just overwhelming the wussy little roots, and now they are doing great and actively growing, from what I can see.
The aloe vera is trying to cop a feelsky of the cilantro.

They look super classy, don't they? I like how there are different kinds of cans represented. I'm becoming a hobo, aren't I?


highdeekay said...

hobo-esque maybe.


still don't where you find the time...our stinky chics arrive today, picking them up at IFA...:(