Sunday, February 15, 2009

prelude to a pavlova

John was in South Carolina this weekend, and my sister came to stay with me on Friday night. She was brought kicking and screaming into this world when I was a senior in high school, so to her I was that random girl who visited sometimes. Aside: isn't that just like a Mormon family? Having a baby when your oldest is in high school? You know they tell that joke about how you can tell a Mormon wedding because the bride's mother is pregnant? Good times. I promise my mom isn't weird, though. She just had a hiccup in her childbirthing plans, so she had to bear fruit a little longer than she intended, okay? Don't judge!

Anyway, back to our story. As I said, Troy and I were not the closest of siblings for a long time because of the disparity in our ages and life circumstances. But since we've moved back to the old stomping grounds, if you will, she and I have spent a lot of time together, what with her raising my children. And we've gotten much closer, and I am trying my best to brainwash her into believing that butter is better for her than Froot Loops and other such crazy things. She helped me decide which hat to buy from Urban Outfitters the other day--I'm sort of tired of my hair looking stupid, and I decided a fedora is a suitable solution. I sort of make myself sick.

Aack! I keep getting sidetracked! So yesterday, we concluded that homemade spinach pasta would be a good dinner. So we made it. And it was good.

Long story for not much reward, but I wanted you to know that I don't only make desserts, because I'm about to tell you about the pavlova I made today. I had to! My Sucanat testing demanded it.

Mixing in the last of the Sucanat--mmm, brown . . .

Whipping it to stiff peaks--not there yet.

I made the executive decision to pull it because it was turning into taffy.


So I says to myself, "Self, why do those Kiwis think they can be the boss of what shape my pavlova is?"

After the ill-fated cooking. Notice the nice finger holes from one of the children--none of them will admit it, but my money's on Superman.

It looks grody, and I'll be honest, it was no great thing. But if you get your fork and bust off the taxidermy part and just eat that, it's sort of what pavlova is supposed to be.

It was either a failed success or a successful failure, depending on your perspective. I had to take it out of the oven to cook the bread, so I think that messed with the texture, and it turned into sort of a taxidermy foam/taffy hybrid. It definitely had a molassessy flavor, but I don't think it was so strong that it would overpower whipped cream. You'd have to be more careful with the fruit, though. I think peaches would work, but John thought it fought with the berries we used tonight.

I think I've concluded that Sucanat is acceptable for any application in which pristine, white color is not imperative--a yellow and brown lemon meringue pie would not look terribly appetizing, methinks. But in cookies, pies, and I would imagine many other uses, I think it is a worthy substitute. I'll still keep white sugar around for the fussy stuff, but Sucanat has made it onto the list of preferred sweeteners.

Coming tomorrow: a post about My Little Ponies, Perceived Moral Character Of. You are so stoked!


highdeekay said...

My mom really WAS pregnant at my oldest sister's wedding (and I was a senior in HS at the time). We are SOOO Mormon.

You make want to make pavlova.

Did John tickle your funny bone with all the SC stories? He is excited for you to get to come out this way. I say, 'bama, come to 'bama!

highdeekay said...

That should have said,
"you make me want to make pavlova" but I was just so excited and really not so into myself that I left "me" out of it.

See how I am?

tipsybaker said...

My most recent sweetener purchase was agave nectar, but I have no idea what to do with it.