Thursday, February 5, 2009

to all the breads I've loved this month . . .

These are the breads I made, I made, these are the breads I made (to the tune of Bruce McCulloch's "These Are the Daves I Know"):

See the cool trick I learned from Emily--you cut the biscuits, freeze them on a cookie sheet, then pop them in a bag and cook them at your leisure--it's a great way to get a head start on the morning. And to use up your raw milk that's turned into buttermilk. This was a quadruple batch.

The spiral rye. The marble turned out pretty, but I have no picture.

Anadama--not my prettiest work, but it worms its way into one's affections.

Greek Celebration Bread, with an orange glaze and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Inside it's sort of like a dinner roll.

The focaccia . . . drool . . .

The ciabatta . . . groan . . .

I am ashamed.

Of all the breads, focaccia was probably the most popular with the most people. (The biscuits don't really count, because they're from our normal menu, not "The Bread Baker's Apprentice"--I just wanted to share the tip.) Ciabatta was a close second, because my kids are still refining their palates and don't care about crumb conformation. The Anadama bread was unusual, very molasses-y, but you get so you're jonesing for it. The rye bread, minus the caraway seed, is pretty much exactly like wheat bread. Prettier, though. We will not speak of the Greek bread, as the children have stamped it with a scarlet G for Grody. Kooks.

It's been a busy couple of weeks with all these breads, in addition to regular meals and cookies. I keep forgetting to start on the bagels early enough in the day to get them done in time for any meal, but I'll try to get that done sometime this weekend--we're headed over to John's parents' house to do some confab with his brother and offspring of same.


Jill said... really are amazing! Harmons bakery has nothing on you!! :-) John showed us your Beehive cheese link. Cool stuff. You're so famous.

tipsybaker said...

You have inspired me to bake something right this instant.

Heather said...

Hi, I'm a stranger, actually Jill's friend- she said I should check out your blog because of the cheeses. I recently made a mock mozzarella that I was proud of. I wonder if you wouldn't mind posting your recipe for your mozzarella... and your other cheeses... and your breads! They are beautiful. If you don't mind... Thank you!

Matt and Emily said...

Sad that I am posting a comment on your blog when we should be seeing each other at Mom & Dad's right now but instead I am being selfish in that I'm not letting my kids share germs of this awful, awful cold & cough thing that they've got. Anyways, wow on all of those breads! They look beautiful. Also, I'm glad you like the freezing biscuits thing cause it rocks.

Sarah said...

Your breads look amazing! Oh, and freezing biscuits (or scones -yum!) is the only way my family gets a bread-item during dinner. If I haven't had time to make a big ol' batch of something at the beginning of the week, then it's probably just plain old soup with nothin'! Hurray for freezin' and baggin'.