Monday, March 30, 2009

garden status for last week of march/first week of april 2009

Well, I found my boots. They look-a like this:
Not exactly what I wanted, but close enough. I know, you're so relieved.

Friday afternoon was lovely, and warm enough that we got the spinach, mesclun and mache planted in the front flower garden. I figured that all that nice dirt could probably grow salad greens as well as it grows weeds, which it does in spades. I also decided to try doing a cauliflower there as well. Our house faces east, and I'm hoping that the afternoon shade will help the plants not to bolt when the weather makes its snowy-->perfect and balmy-->hot like unto the face of the sun transition that takes about three days here.

I have a crowding situation in the front garden--there is a volunteer Oregon-grape, a Spiraea (I don't remember which variety--japonica, maybe?) and a Diablo Ninebark which are all up in each other's business because I planted the Spiraea and Ninebark too close to each other. I think I'll just tear out the Oregon-grape, because I have other volunteers of it elsewhere in the yard. Anybody who wants to drive to my house can have it for free--they are awesome bushes. So that leaves the Spiraea and the Ninebark, and I think the Spiraea is the best one to leave where it is, even if its blossoms are similar to the Joe-Pye Weed that's right next to it. So where do I put the Ninebark?

This weekend we saw some people just plopping raised beds right onto their grass--it made me think of you, All8--and even though it's expensive to buy all the materials and filler dirt/planting mixture, I would really like to do that. We have all this unprofitable lawn on the north side of our house, but it gets quite a bit of sun, and it should be doing SOMETHING to contribute to the household.

I have a pair of pants that used to fit me great, but lately they've started hanging all weird and giving me a polterwang. Why do pants have to do that? Why can't they just be normal sauce?


Sarah said...

Love the boots. Way cute. I would comment on the gardening, but being that I'm not exactly "qualified," I'll let someone else give suggestions.

tipsybaker said...

are those boots the kind that stretch over the calf rather than zipper? i find that style very flattering.

Layne said...

Nah, they have zippers. I'd love some of those stretchy kind, but I can't FIND any. Grrr.

Matt and Emily said...

Those boots are so cute. From what I gather- you have a thing for boots :). From just looking at some pictures, the plants that you've got sound very nice. From a class I went to last week, I have a bunch of native seeds planted and sitting on my table that I'm hoping will grow.


If you still have plants we will be up on Sunday...I have lots of landscaping to do thanks to trax!