Tuesday, March 17, 2009

am I becoming a fifties housewife?

Not a picture of me.

Now that the weather has started getting into the forties during the day, my children have started wearing shorts, like the carrot-snapping Utahns they are. What is with people wearing shorts and flip-flops in March? Do people in other four-season states do this? Ridiculous.

All the short wearing has made me introspective, in that I am starting to wonder if I am too old/pear-shaped to be wearing shorts. There comes a point when I think adults should stop wearing shorts almost entirely, and I wonder if I've reached it. Don't you hate it when you see some dude in his forties or fifties with his Kentucky waterfall, his mustache, and a Hawaiian shirt, wearing shorts that barely go mid-thigh? He's all singing his Jimmy Buffet, with his Ray-Bans on Chums, like, could he BE any more of a stereotype? And yet, I see That Guy all. the. time. And who wants to look like that? Or who wants to look like the frumpy mom with her shaggy, ill-maintained bob, her stained shirt with white and hot pink horizontal stripes, and her pale denim knee-length shorts that make her look like a Weeble? Not me, and yet, I'm concerned that I do. Superficial of me, I know, but this is not news.

So I look stupid in shorts, we've established that. But I like the breeziness of having my legs in the sun during the summer. Capris are a possibility, but they are so often unflattering as well. The only remaining option, as I see it, is a skirt. Dare I attempt wearing skirts during the week? Can I possibly stand to be so fussy? And I don't want to have to worry about keeping my legs crossed allatime, so what about underneath? I think I'm going to try it, though, just to see. They should make skorts for grown women, only with cute, ruffly skirts instead of those dumpy miniskirts that accentuate my drumsticks.


tipsybaker said...

Oh wow, I thought I was the only one. I gave up shorts some time ago. People, including my husband's shorts-lovin' family, think I'm weird and repressed (which may be true) but I think shorts look bad on almost everyone past the age of, well, I don't know. When is that age? I don't spend any time judging misguided shorts wearers, but lately feel I present better in a skirt.

highdeekay said...

My younger sister (which still makes her slightly older than you) delayed a mission for an entire year because she had to pray to come to terms with the idea of wearing a skirt/dress 24/7. Now, she wears cute skirts (very much like the one in your picture) and bare legs and cute flats most of the time during the late spring through early fall time period (and she lives in your neck-o-the-woods). She is a CUTE mom, nothing fifties housewife about her. And there you have it.