Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'll prolly have to uproot my tomatoes with my nose in heaven

Tomato Class 2009
Front row: Black Giant
Second row: Ananas Noire
Third row: Thessaloniki
Back row: Pantano Romanesco
Not shown (they're in the dish with the peppers): Chadwick Cherry

Well, John learned in priesthood meeting today that we should have planted our peas and radishes yesterday. Score! We got the peas done, but not the radishes. And supposedly if we're growing tomatoes from seed, we should have started them a month ago.


I wondered if maybe I should have done the tomatoes already, since the eggplants have been going for a couple of weeks. But the package said not until next Monday! So anyway, I hurried home and popped some seeds into Jiffy pots. I'm doing three plants of each of the five varieties I got--Baker Creek threw the Thessalonikis in for free. So, I'll be happy to report to Keevin that I am partially compliant for the lunar period. He told the guys, "Well, Michelle Obama just broke ground for a garden at the White House. And you all ought to be getting out and doing the same thing." It's time for carrots, potatoes and lettuce as well. None of which I have planted yet.

My uncle Kenny said that tomato seeds are 25 cents APIECE at a local store, because stock is so low from this year's incredible demand. I'm just glad I ordered early and from somewhere other than Burpee.


Jill said...

good job Layne! Please invite me up when you make some salsa! I LOVE "homemade" tomatoes. They are the BEST when they are still warm from the sun. I can't wait for mine.