Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm charming at the speed of light

Here is the crappy ricotta cheesecake I made yesterday. I'm sure its crappiness is unrelated to the many, many shortcuts I took in its assembly and cooking.

See, it looks halfway decent, but it is not. Perhaps with a generous dollop of coulis, but definitely not with chocolate sauce, because the two will combine and give birth to a child so hideous you cannot look directly upon it. I speak from experience.

Forgive me, Tipsy. It is chocolate rice pudding.

I wanted to do something different with the ricotta, but pretty much I wasted it, because nobody wants to eat a dry cheesecake.

The chocolate rice pudding might be a success, though. I'm not sure yet.


tipsybaker said...

1. I am with you on the stock. It's nuts. Some stock recipes even have the gall to ask for things like short ribs which are a luxury meat. I will try that product.
2. What recipe for ricotta cheesecake? Aren't they always dry? I have been thinking about making a ricotta cheesecake out of Mark Bittman but can't quite muster the enthusiasm.
3. That chocolate rice pudding looks black bean soup and sounds barbaric.

Layne said...

It was the Joy recipe, but Bittman's might be nicer, because it contains sour cream--maybe that would help with the dry, dry, dryness of it. I wouldn't go out of my way, though.

It totally looks like black bean soup. And it's no good.