Tuesday, March 10, 2009

in the night kitchen

It's quarter to ten and I'm cooking the bolognese sauce from this great Kitchn article. We have a bunch of ground beef that was given to us by my grandma and my uncle. They had to slaughter a bull for some reason--I think he was a Holocaust denier--and wanted to be sure we got some of the good stuff. And it is great ground beef, plus? Won't give my daughter a mustache or my sons size Bs, if you know what I mean.

Also we are stamping out evil where e-er we find it. The root cellar is full of squash that I bought and have hoarded, afraid to cook very much of it, because what if I ran out before winter is over? But now that spring approaches the cases of squash begin to appear ridiculous. As in moldy from neglect. So when I sent John down to find a likely candidate for dinner tomorrow, he found that the circle of life had been progressing apace in our absence, and next to our dumplings and Hubbards and butternuts we had some lovely, soft, furry white and green mounds. The Delicata and buttercup fared the worst. Stupid mold. Now he has removed the offenders and the mold spores can begin their work of conversion on fresh victims.