Saturday, March 21, 2009

lemon fruit very bitten

Andre the Citrus

Lookit this hugebig lemon! Emily got it from her uncle or something, and she shared it with us. Pinga was so enchanted that she bit a sizable chunk out of the rind, which I think you'll agree is both disgusting and impressive.

Once on The Daily Show Craig Kilborne called Stevie Nicks "everything that was wrong with the seventies in one rapidly expanding package." I miss him sometimes.

The twelve dancing eggplants. Blush on the left, Ebony King on the right.

I dated a guy once whose dad ate onions like apples. He also made floats with mint chocolate chip ice cream and Pepsi Free.

I just planted the peppers--Gambo variety--two days ago. I bet they will all win.

I don't want to jinx it or anything, but I have acheived near 100% germination with my seeds from Baker Creek. There were one or two cauliflower and onions that didn't work, but I think that was user error.

I was talking to my grandma the other day, and she was saying that there are a bunch of seed companies that have run out of stock this year--she couldn't get anything she ordered from Burpee, for example. I called her to see if she thinks I could plant the leftovers of the Shepody potatoes she gave us that have sprouted--All8, I bet you can help me out. They have long old sprouts--can I cut them up, leaving at least one sprout per chunk, and plant them?

Can you believe that it's spring, FINALLY?


tipsybaker said...

What are the plants at the very top?
When are you putting things in the ground?

Layne said...

Cauliflower at the top.

Today we put in peas. I'm going to plant the cauliflower just as soon as I get them hardened off--another week, maybe? I'll have to ask a smart person.

Either that or put them in Wall-o-Waters.

Matt and Emily said...

Wow- your plants look so good. That's a dang lot of eggplants! If you have any extra sproating Shepody potatoes and All8 gives you the go ahead to plant them- can I try too?

Layne said...

You betcha. I hope it works.

All8 said...

Yep, plant 'em. Potatoes should be sprouted in a cool, sunny place before planting. (The fancy word is chitting.) If the sprouts on the potatoes are really long and wispy, you might want to just cut the potato in half and plant it that way. The more wrinkly or shriveled the potato itself is, the more you have to leave intact for planting. Good luck with it.

If your last freeze is March 20th, potatoes should be planted, Feb. 10-March 15. Last freeze, March 30th, plant potatoes, Feb. 20-March 20. Last freeze, April 10th, plant potatoes, March 10-April 1st. Last freeze, April 20, plant potatoes March 15-April 10th. Last freeze April 30th, plant potatoes, March 20-May 10th. Last freeze, May 10th, plant potatoes, April 1-June 1st.

Whew, hope that helps everybody.

I (heart) Baker Creek too. Great customer service, great germination, and they test their seeds for GMO contamination. Sometimes I think that their descriptions are a bit overblown but that's the fun of it all.

All8 said...

Oh, if you don't know when your last freeze is, contact your local extension office. They should be on the web too.