Monday, March 2, 2009

local food: Mongolian Grill

Mongolian Grill**
Pretty sure I contracted a food-borne illness at lunch today, but I'm willing to accept my penance for the delicious food I was served. We had some errands in Ogden today, and I took Superman and Pinga to the Mongolian Grill--not Lee's Mongolian, a terrific eating establishment--just the plain old Mongolian Grill. It's in a strip mall across the parking lot from the defunct Mervyn's.

The whole place had an air of seediness without being downright dirty (I hope). Sort of dingy. Our server was very nice and offered to hold Pinga while I was loading up our bowls, putting ten pounds of vegetables in a five pound sack. She gave me sauce advice and did not steer me wrong. The food was incredible. The searing hotness may have caused a false positive, but I felt chagrined that I couldn't finish my entire bowl. Superman, whom I lured there with the promise that they would set his food on fire, was less enamoured with it, but quite enjoyed his food once he tried it.

So, if you're willing to fantasize and picture yourself in a place where there is no State Health Department, you should absolutely eat here. You will embarrass yourself and everyone around you by devouring your food like a beast. Besides, the contaminated part cooks off.