Tuesday, March 31, 2009

look what Emily made me do

I was tempted to drive to Logan tonight and take Emily up on her internet scam offer of a shared lemon pie, but Captain America was home sick today with a digestive ailment. He was the kind of sick that we couldn't take the chances of sending him to school, or we might end up having to move to a different school district, if not an entirely new state. There was a girl in John's grade school whose last name was Barfuss, and one day she did. The rest of the story writes itself. Kids are mean.

So I got about the business of using the last two Meyer lemons to make the ugliest pie I have ever frankensteined together. One of the worst indignities is that I burned the first crust and had to bake another. Stupid distracting lunch. But the nice thing is that even with a monstrously hideous crust this pie is the best lemon pie in the world. And it's not that lurid, throbbing, radioactive yellow one often sees, because it's made with real no-foolin' lemons.

You'll be gratified to know that yesterday when we got home from Costco and brought in the groceries, John set the two chickens we had bought on top of the bag of flour we had bought and promptly forgot them until right now. He was wondering if we should freeze the zombie birds before we trash them, but since the skunk is already dead our garbage can will probably remain inviolate. Well, comparatively.


Matt and Emily said...

I don't know what your talkin about your pie looking bad- it looks beautiful but that does stink about burning your pie crust. I too love lemon pie. You really should have come over to get some at my house because apparently mine has magic replenishing abilities- when you cut a piece it kind of just globs back and fills the empty place. I will say even though it's not the most presentable pie- it is so smooth & yummy. And I used another huge lemon from my Uncle's tree so that's awesome.

tipsybaker said...

How did you make that pie? I don't think it's bad-looking at all.

Sarah said...

I agree. Your pie looks great. I went to school with the younger Barfuss sister, and man, that girl had an AWESOME sense of humor. Which reminds me of a guy my dad knew, who's last name was Blood (or something like that). He got married while in dental school, and took his wife's last name, 'cause for real? Probably a little scary to get your mouth drilled by Dr. Blood.