Wednesday, March 25, 2009

product may stay: kefir

In addition to essentially saving my daughter's life, kefir has provided another benefit. Since Pinga has been on antibiotics every day for two months now (we're finally done, yay!), all of her flora and fauna have been being killed off. But since she also has kefir every day, we have suffered none of the traditional ill effects of antibiotic use. The pharmacist warned us with each new course of hated antibiotics that there would be side effects, like nausea, diarrhea, and yeast infections. But we didn't have problems with any of them, and I am sure it is the kefir, because that stuff is magic.

For anyone who hasn't had it before or doesn't know what it is, here is a quick rundown: It's a little group of micro-organisms including bacteria and yeast that causes fermentation. It looks a little bit like cooked rice or oatmeal. We put the sachet of kefir grains in a non-metal container, pour milk over it and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours (or more, usually). At that point the milk has become something like plain yogurt exposed to a gamma bomb, and is chockablock with good things too numerous to list. Pinga drinks it neat or straight up, but most other people like to add jam or something else sweet to it, and it tastes a lot like a yogurt drink. There is a nice long explanation of it here on the Wik.

You can buy kefir grains from various online sources like eBay and Amazon, and you can also buy packaged kefir from the grocery store, but I have my doubts as to its worth. I'm sure it's better than nothing, though. It may not save your life, but it will absolutely make you healthier and happier. Product may stay.


All8 said...

My mom likes it too. Don't know if I could drink it straight up though.