Tuesday, March 31, 2009

provincial me

I've finally eaten oysters on the half shell, and of course my choice for where to first consume this delicacy was the Lucky Buffet Chinese restaurant in Riverdale. Obviously. To be fair, they are a very clean, well-run establishment, but when you get into the territory of raw mollusks, you're probably safer talking to the Market Street fishmonger.

It was a challenging thing to eat, too. I love the bivalve family in all its variety, but I've only ever eaten its members cooked. Sashimi is easy, because the texture is so uniform, and firm like a properly-cooked steak, but a raw oyster is a whole different ball of wax. But I was determined, so I loosened the oyster from its shell and slid it into my mouth unadorned. It tasted like it smelled--cold and clean. The texture is what was so difficult for me. It was very slippery, and there were chewy parts, tender parts, bursty parts full of liquid . . . there was just a lot going on. It took me a while to get it down, because it wasn't really the sort of thing you chew and swallow. It didn't make me sick (yet), but I think next time I might try a little sprinkle of kosher salt or lemon. And that might be a while from now.

Also there is a dead skunk on the road in front of our house. See?


tipsybaker said...

I love your juxtapositions. This one's a classic.

All8 said...

See the great irony that is this world come into fruition. The skunk ate your chicken. The thought of what he had done was just chewing him up inside and in an attempt to beg your forgiveness he crossed the street at an inopportune time and now will have to wait until the millennium to do so. That or he was just coming over for seconds and the rumor that there may or may not be a fresh batch of chicks at your house.

Lesson? Repent now, because if you're a skunk, your life is tenuous and eventually you'll just end up a greasy reminder on the road and a stink in the air.

Have no comment on raw shell fish. But I do like my steaks medium to on the rare side.

Matt and Emily said...

Layne, gross. I do get a smile on my face thinking about you walking out to the road with your camera to take a picture of the dead skunk. I hope your neighbors were watching- cause that's funny.