Friday, March 20, 2009

six more cups turned into fat

Finally at 10:30 last night the chocolate bread pudding was done, and it was in this recipe that I had my first quibble with Bittman. He only called for 2 ounces of chocolate (4 for a double recipe)! Which is ridiculous. It's enough to ruin it for people who don't like chocolate, but not enough to taste like anything for people who do. Stupidness. I put in 12 ounces, which is what Joy recommended for the same amount of milk.

I ate a hot fudge pudding cake once that made me so. angry. because the only way I knew it was meant to taste like chocolate was the color. Why on earth bother? It's like mild cheese.

Today all I have to make is angel food cake to use up the egg whites and squash soup to use up the squash.

Our chickens are not dead, even though I've been letting them wander day and night for the past week. And our new baby chicks will be here the first or second Wednesday in April. I'm finally getting a Columbian Rock, which I've wanted for years.


tipsybaker said...

What Bittman recipe are you using?? Mine calls for 3 oz. chocolate.
I got some amazon vanilla beans yesterday. They sure seem like a good deal and you can smell them through the shrink-wrap. Making extract today.

Layne said...

The recipe is from the yellow "How to Cook Everything." I wondered if it was a typo.

Are you chopping up your beans first, or putting them in whole?

tipsybaker said...

I'm going to try chopping some up, leaving some whole. Has yours matured yet?

Layne said...

I haven't dared try it yet, but it smells like vanilla. I left all of mine whole, and I think it's going to take a long time before it's ready.