Monday, March 23, 2009

thoughts on march 23

I think my bread is alcoholic.

I have started watching The Karate Kid in the mornings. His mom just kills me with her fake Joisey accent. People love to pile on poor Ralph Macchio for his bad acting, but I think he was pretty standard fare for a youth actor in those days. But man, that mom of his! I wanted to claw my ears off. I can't wait until he meets the Cobra Kai.

In that end part of The Lord of the Rings where they get to Mount Doom, and Gollum snipes them, and Frodo gets away, I was urging him onward, saying, "Go! Go, Frodo!" Out loud. Gross. But it shows you what a good movie that is to run to--you get really involved and forget that you're exercising.

I thought for sure that Barney was going to ditch Andy and go with the Special Investigator from Capitol City, leaving Andy to apprehend the cow-stealing hobo by himself. But Barney had one of those redemptive Michael Scott moments that make you decide not to kill him just yet. Burned! By Andy Griffith!

I think I Love Lucy is a stupid show.

John said it's okay if I tell you he's having a colonoscopy tomorrow. It's nothing serious, just a prolapsed colon and endometriosis. But the instruction sheet is hilarious! He has to do all the clear liquid/Dulcolax/Miralax/Gatorade stuff until he has "clear output." Bwah ha ha ha!

I wish I played the fiddle, for the "Orange Blossom Special" alone. That song rocks.


Sarah said...

Good luck to John tomorrow. I hear that the colonoscopy is a roarin' good time. Also, I need to start following your example and watch awesome movies while treadmilling. I've been trying to read, which kinda sorta works, but if I was watching, say, a major battle in Lord of the Rings, I'd be running my guts out.

All8 said...

I hope that John makes it through alright. A collapsed colon sounds awful!