Thursday, March 5, 2009

uncle moe's family feedbag it ain't

Please don't take from my previous post that I don't frequent chain restaurants, because I do, and to imply otherwise would make me guilty of the same crime of which I am accusing the Cheesecake Factory, namely, implying that I'm a lot fancier than I really am. For example, we're going to the Texas Roadhouse (not a brothel--I know! I was surprised too) tomorrow night for dinner with some friends, and I plan to eat a bloody steak and let the juices run down my chin.

I just like for eating establishments to have some perspective about their place in the world. The immortal Fletch would tell you that there's crime neither in being a chain restaurant nor molesting a dead horse. It's your right as an American! But there's nothing in the Cheesecake Factory's performance to merit their unseemly amount of self-regard and apparent belief that their clientele is more educated than that of any other chain.


hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I had no idea the the cheese cake factory was here! It's probably because I live in Hicksville and I only drink goats milk! lol

So, that's great. I'm all about chain restaurants. Seth would vote for Golden Corral, hands down. Me? Anything not in Brigham City!

Sarah said...

The crazy thing about The Cheesecake Factory is that they're are packed where'ere they roam. Like, in San Francisco, where you could eat at the most divine hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant and feel like you were eating on the streets of Venice, you can rest assured that the Cheesecake Factory will still have a 2 hour wait. They have jedi-like powers.