Tuesday, April 7, 2009

beans and pregnant teens

On deck for tonight: beans and rice, rice and beans. Dave Ramsey would be so proud. One of the things I bought at Kitchen Kneads yesterday, in addition to the Ultra Set, was a bag of Anasazi beans. I love them, even though their cute little spots fade during cooking and they end up looking like leprous pintos. I've neglected them recently and have been saving all my love for Black Turtles, because they are AWESOME! But Anasazis are awesome, too.

We finally watched Juno last night (timely of us!), which I have been studiously avoiding. I heard it was full of snappy dialogue and precocious teenagers, and if there's anything I hate, it's a rhinestone cowboy. Followed quickly by a precocious teenager. But I loved it! Allison Janney is great, Ellen Page is great, Michael Cera is great . . . everybody is great. And the snappy dialogue is actually a lot of fun--despite Rainn Wilson's somewhat ham-handed treatment of his character. It's pretty sweary, though, so take my endorsement lightly.

Saying ham-handed reminded me--you should try Jon Hamm's John Ham.

I know, right? Delicious. Makes me hungry just thinking about tearing off a square of it.

Also, speaking of Michael Cera (with Justin Bateman implied), you can watch Arrested Development on Hulu now, instead of just on MSN's wretched, buggy site. You can do it! You can do it nine times. Then you'll understand how the torch I carry for FOX is one of hatred, not love. I'm serious, FOX. Be cool about Terminator.