Monday, April 6, 2009

bless you, thumbs down button

You know what is one of my favoritest features of Pandora? The "I don't like this song" function. All my life the radio has been forcing me to listen to at least part of the STUPIDEST songs, and now? I am Jack Palanceing the CRAP out of it. The pleasure I took in thumbs-downing "Kyrie" cannot be quantified using existing number systems. And Pandora's all "We're sorry. We'll never play that song on this station again." Like you're supposed to regret your hastiness or something and go back to the abuser. But I am an empowered woman and shan't. SHAN'T!


Matt and Emily said...

Bless the thumbs down Pandora feature indeed. I was just showing Matt my Paul Cardall station and how sometimes when I'm listening I finally notice that the song I'm listening too is bugging me and making me feel angry inside, it usually takes a long time to get to this point, but then I figure it out and thumbs down yet another Jim Brickman song- they just keep building & building and it makes me crazy.

Layne said...

Mine keeps playing Coldplay for some reason--like multiple songs in a row. Dumb.