Monday, April 20, 2009

compliments given at church

I have a pair of stockings that I wear to church. They look like this:
Pardon the cankles and everything, but it's hard to take a flattering picture of your own legs, especially when they're somewhat sturdy in nature.

Anyway, the ladies in my ward are CRAZY about those stockings and always give me compliments on them. Because they're rad. They have given people the impression that I am "funky" and "my own person." That's right, people. I AM funky. I'm funky like a HEART ATTACK!

Also a girl told me she loved my purse and said when she saw me she thought, "She always has it together." I laughed and laughed and told her I just put on a good front. I don't think anyone who actually knows me would say that, because it is clearly not the case. However, it made me feel good that she hasn't found out yet that I am a crazy nincompoop.


tipsybaker said...

I see no cankles, but those really are rad stockings.

Mike B said...

you do have it all together! Anyone who wears fishnets on Sunday and gardening gloves during the week is doing something right!

Mike B said...

shoot...that was me commenting not Mike..I would never allow him to look at your sexy fish netted leg!
lol Jill

Layne said...

Well, I wouldn't let John look at your sexy knee-high boots, either. It's just good sense!

highdeekay said...

See, you impress people with your put-togetherness and radacity. I pretty much rely on setting really low expectations. A friend (yes, a friend) of mine told me the other day that I looked great and she'd never seen me dressed up. Yeah, I was wearing dark jeans (instead of the faded ones) and heels (instead of my slip ons). Low expectations I tell you!